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Best Certifications to Get IT Job With No Experience

Are you a new IT graduate? If your answer is yes, then we have answers to your questions. Yes, you are looking for a job with no experience. To succeed as an IT beginner, get IT certifications that will help you stand out amongst other IT new graduates.

IT certifications help an individual move up their career ladder to attain their personal goals. You will be a specialist in your area of interest thus, being able to retain your job, earn professional credibility, get promotions and also for opportunities in networking. These certifications prepare an individual with specific technical knowledge that one needs to succeed in the information and technology careers.

Are you curious of the best information and technology certification courses which will help you in launching your career and being the best amongst all? Take the following recommended certifications for beginners:

Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA A+)

CompTIA A+ is an entry level and a fundamental certification recognized globally with free online training. This certification is a known starting point for any IT professionals. CompTIA A+ candidates acquire knowledge and skills to: handle the maintenance of PCs printers, operate systems, laptops and mobile devices and other related basic networking.

To be a certified candidate, you must pass the two exam:

    CompTIA 220-901, for this exam the candidate should score at least 665 on a scale of 1-900

    CompTIA 22o-902, for this exam the candidate should score at least 700 on a scale of 1-900

These two exams consist of multiple choice and performance-based question types. The exam takes 90 minutes costing approximately $200.

Once the candidate is certified, the certificate is valid for three years. Candidates can land in various job titles but the most common job titles include: in-home support specialist, IT support administrator, desktop support technician, field support service technician or help desk technician.

CompTIA Network +

This is an entry level certification that the beginner can take once they are done with CompTIA A+ as it is a prerequisite. This certification will provide you with the basic and fundamentals of networking administration careers. Candidates have a chance of gaining expertise in: creating, managing and troubleshooting both wired and wireless networks.

To be a certified candidate, you need to pass N10-006 exam by scoring 720 on a scale of 1-900 which tests the candidate’s ability to configure both wireless and wired devices and other related technologies that may be involved. This is a 90 minutes exam that has about 100 questions to be completed by the candidate.

This certification is valid for three years upon which there is a renewal once it has expired. Upon completion, the candidates can attain these major titles in the job market; network administrator, technician installer, help desk technician or IT cable installer.

CompTIA Security +

This is an entry level certification as well as one that certifies the candidates with fundamental cyber security. This certification is recognized globally. With high level of security threats today, every company or organization is looking for ways to react to security risks and also to guard their systems against security risk. For these reasons, candidates with security related specialization are on demand to help such organizations. Candidates who enroll for this certification acquire knowledge and skills in: compliance and operational security, network security, cryptography, threat and vulnerability data, application and host security, access control and identity management.

To be certified, candidates need to have taken either SY0-401 or SY0-501 exams. Both exams consist of 90 multiple choice and performance-based question types which should be completed in 90 minutes’ time. To pass, candidates need to get a score of not less than 750 on a scale of 1-900. This exam cost approximately $330.

This certification is valid for three years upon which it expires. Once certified, the candidate may get the following common job titles: security engineer, security analyst, security consultants or network administrators.

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

CCNA is also one of the entry level certifications that is suitable for IT beginners. This certification should be taken by candidates who have been certified on Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician (CCENT) as it is the starting point. Candidates enrolling for CCNA gain knowledge and expertise in installing, operating, and configuring enterprise level switches and routers. Candidates also have options of specializing security voices or wireless networking. They can therefore detect common networking problems and come up with the best solution for the problems.

To be certified, candidates have to pass 200-125 exam which has 50-60 questions and should take 90 minutes to be completed.

The certification is valid for 3 years upon which the candidates need to refresh their certifications. Candidates who have are certified may have the following common job titles: system engineers, help desk support, field technician or network administrators.

Certified Information Systems Security Profession (CISSP)

This is also another entry level certification recognized globally. Candidates enrolling for CISSP gain expertise in verifying information security competence. The candidates will therefore be able to manage and engineer information and security programs. This will help companies from being attacked.

To be certified the candidate needs to pass the 6 hours exams that contains 250 questions. This exam will cost approximately $600.

The certification is valid for 3 years and needs to be renewed upon expiry. Candidate who are certified are in a position of being employed as: security analysts, IT auditors or information security analysts.

From the above certifications it is clear that IT offers a lot of opportunities depending on the candidate’s preference. The above entry level certifications act as a stepping stone to advancing your career in an area of specialization of your choice. Therefore, you will be able to have an engaging and exiting career, thus a good work input that will earn you a promotion and achieving the best in your career.

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