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Top Ten Paying Tech Careers

It is no doubt that tech careers are lucrative and tech jobs are in high demand. Currently, the highest paying and most sought-after jobs are in the tech industry.

Note that if you are looking for a high-quality tech career, it would be beneficial to start with the entry-level positions before you can climb the ladder to the top positions. The greatest thing about entry-level tech careers is that they can provide a stable and lucrative career and are also wonderful opportunities for people wanting to start their career in the tech industry with entry-level qualifications.

If you want to pursue a career in the tech sector, we have prepared a list of the top 10 paying tech careers you can try. Note that these careers are lucrative and rewarding.

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Chief Information Officer

Salary: $220,265-$323,209

It is no secret that the person at the highest level of the organizational chart receives a high compensation. The Chief Information Offer (CIO) is responsible for day to day use of the organization’s technology. The CIO is answerable to the CEO and ensures every aspect of the organization’s tech infrastructure works well and is capable of sustaining the growth and progress of the organization.

To qualify for this position, you need to have obtained a Master’s degree in Computer Science or a relevant career with a minimum of a 10-year experience in management in an IT field as well as several years in a non-management experience. In addition, you will need to demonstrate capabilities in leadership since you will need to communicate everything concerning tech to the organization’s team of developers, administrators and also other staffs who are not proficient in tech.

Computer Support Specialist –Entry level tech career

Salary: $45,176-$102,230

Computer Support Specialist is an entry-level tech career in the tech sector. A CSS or Computer Support Specialist is responsible for advising organizations and companies on networks and systems. The CSS of a company makes people within an organization or a company who haven’t obtained advanced computer training and knowledge to be able to use these devices easily.

A support specialist is responsible for testing, evaluating networks, maintenance, and troubleshooting of network systems. A computer specialist will be able to address any issue raised by the organization’s staff and troubleshoot networks and computer systems to solve the issue.

Education qualification for computer specialists varies. To qualify for the job you need to have computer knowledge coupled with an associate degree. However, to be competitive you need a bachelor’s degree, but this will depend on the particular organizations. Most importantly, to sustain the changes in technology, computer support specialists must further their education throughout their careers.

Computer & Information Systems Managers

Salary: $131,600-348,500

Computer $ Information Systems Managers are also known as IT projector managers and are responsible for the supervision of organization’s or companies IT department. A CISM is an advanced and experienced expert who governs IT goals and design systematic plans to be achieved.

The CISM is responsible for day to day computer-related tasks and works hand-in-hand with the organization’s leaders. They generate long-term plans, give assignments and set phases of operation. In addition, a CISM will observe computer systems and ensure upgrades are obtained when necessary and also advice when new software is required.

To qualify to be a Computer & Information Systems Manager, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer information systems or any other computer related field so that you get technical skills as well as practical know-how. You will also need a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Data Security Analyst

Salary: $80,314-$129,000

A data security analyst sets up and implements the protection of data stored on computers as well as on data networks, coordinating with the organization’s employees and educate them on security protocol. A DSA is supervised by an IT manager.

A data security analyst will ensure the data and information saved in computers and networks is not accessed by malicious parties or edited and also designs and maintains security systems. Whenever there is data breach within an organization, a data security analyst will repair the damage and put tight measures to safeguard organizations data and information against vulnerabilities.

To qualify for this position, you need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field such as computer science, information science, and management information systems.

Solutions Architect

Average Salary: $129,351 per year

A solutions architect is responsible for the development and deciding which technologies to implement. Responsibilities for this position vary; however, a Solutions Architect works hand-in-hand with other organization’s employees to implement solutions and technologies effectively.

To qualify for this position, you need to obtain a bachelor’s degree or higher in the field of IT, software engineering or computer science. If you want to specialize in systems architecture, you will need to obtain a master’s degree.

Computer Network Architect

Average salary: $100,276 per year

A Computer Network Architect or a network engineer designs and develops data communication networks such as LANs (Local Area Networks), Intranets, and WANs (Wide Area Networks). The data communication networks can connect devices from a small office to offices in different cities. A network architect needs to have a broader knowledge of the company’s business plan to develop a network that can aid the company to realize its goals.

To qualify to be a network engineer or a computer network architect, you need to obtain at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering and information systems.

Network administrator

Average salary: $61,474 per year

A Network Administrator deals with LAN/WAN networks, hardware, and software. Normally, an administrator handles all the network troubleshooting and is always required to be reachable in case of emergency or network hitches.

A network administrator is a qualified individual with a bachelor’s degree in any computer-related field and may be required to obtain vendor-specific networking certifications.

System Administrator

Average salary: $71,236 per year

A system administrator is responsible for installation, upgrading, monitoring of software and hardware. An administrator may also be responsible for data backup and recovery. To work as a system admin, you need to be a problem-solver, a good communicator and should possess analytical skills. You will also need to have a great technical know-how of the organization’s specific software and hardware.

To qualify for this position, you need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in computer science, associate’s degree coupled with other computer-related certifications.

Software Development Manager

Average salary: $115,137 per year

A software development manager is responsible for managing software developers and projects. A development manager will manage a team of software developers working in the medical research and finance industries. Moreover, a SDM can design software, web apps as well as web services.

To qualify for this position, you need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering.

Computer Hardware Engineer

Average Salary: $77,849 per year

A computer hardware engineer is responsible for handling physical computer components like memory chips, processors, circuit boards, routers and more. An engineer deals with the physical nature of technology and may sometimes design new and effective hardware.

To qualify for a position of a computer hardware engineer, you must obtain a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and electrical engineering or any other related field in the electrical sector.


As seen above, a lot of the top paying tech careers requires one to have some years of industry experience; however, to get into the tech field itself, it may not be a must to have a technical background. In fact, with the handful of educational materials out there, breaking into this lucrative career is easy.

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