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Best IT Certifications For Beginners

Today’s highly connected tech industry has made it extremely complicated for the individuals to choose the most useful and relevant career insight into the industry. The things get more difficult when you are looking to choose a career that can change your life overnight. And you should not be shocked to hear such statements because there are several opportunities in the tech industry that can actually change your life overnight. So, you must focus on choosing an IT career that can make things happen for you.

We know that there are many individuals that are eager to start the IT and computer training but they do not have any experience of this industry that can help them choose the right career. Our analysis shows that most of the recruiters always consider hiring the experts that have some experience of the IT. So, if you don’t have any experience, then certifications are the best option for you that you can use to get some experience.

Getting a certification in the IT industry has become a lot easier because the candidates now have access to multiple resources that are important for exam preparation. However, you may still find yourself in great trouble while trying to decide a career for yourself.

Well, we always recommend choosing the career that makes you feel comfortable. And there is no need to follow others because it won’t make you feel comfortable at all. Your personal preferences should be the only guideline you are going to follow when choosing a career in the IT.

We have collected some information about the best entry-level IT certifications that can be helpful for the individuals that are looking to take a start in the IT. Here is the information about the best entry-level IT certifications that newcomers can choose.

CompTIA A+

If you are a newcomer and want to start a bright career in the IT, then CompTIA’s A+ certification is the perfect option for you. CompTIA is a well-known, non-profit association that is dedicated to offering certification exams for the individuals that are willing to become a part of the IT. The individuals can use this outstanding certification to quickly become a part of the IT.

The fundamentals of computer technology are covered within the CompTIA A+ certification. The individuals will get to learn several techniques to successfully install and configure different types of devices such as PCs and laptops. The candidates would get to learn the essential skills that are important for installing and configuring PC operating systems and the mobile operating systems including Apple iOS and Android.

The best thing you can do to understand a computer completely is to take an old desktop PC and then start opening its parts one by one. Thus, you’d get to know that how different tools work and how they look. This will clear your concepts about many things that you did not know before.

CompTIA Network+

The Network+ certification is undoubtedly a famous and useful IT certification. And newcomers can freely opt for this certification if they want to take a quick start in the IT industry. Some basic aspects of physical networking are described in the A+ certification due to which you may face some problem while applying a job with your A+ certification. The combination of A+ and Networking+ certification is a great deal for you if you want to make the most out of your investment.

It will not only help you save some money on these certifications but it will also strengthen your resume in the pool of candidates.

CompTIA Security+

Well, this certification is extremely important for you if you are about to start your career in the IT industry. In today’s world, the security has become a major problem for all the companies. Therefore, many companies are trying to find the candidates that have security background or certifications. CompTIA Security+ is one of the fastest growing fields in IT. The competency in different categories is described with the CompTIA Security+ including:

    Vulnerabilities and threats


    Network security

    Data, application, and host security

    Compliance and operational security

    Identity management and access control

We believe that it is one of the most important certifications that an IT newcomer can obtain. Actually, the individuals can make many mistakes if they don’t have any information about the security, therefore, CompTIA Security+ certification is a must for you.


Cisco CCENT is another entry-level certification for the individuals that want to jumpstart their career in the world of IT. This certification is focused on Cisco’s proprietary software and hardware and it deals with the most basic concepts of networking. You’d have to pass the ICND1 exam if you want to obtain this certification. You’d get to learn how to install, operate, and troubleshoot the network devices and you’d also get to learn the basics of routing and switching.

This certification shares more in-depth knowledge as compared to the Network+. You’d become prominent among other candidates if you have a CCENT certification.

Cisco CCNA

CCNA is the next step for those who want to continue their career in the networking field. The CCNA describes many details about the routing and switching protocols. You can easily get a job with the CCENT certification but CCNA allows you to boost your career in the networking field. So, you must obtain this certification so that you may become prominent among others. In fact, the results also show that the CCNA certified professionals can easily qualify for a job.


These are the entry-level certifications for the individuals that want to start their career in the field of IT. These certifications open multiple paths for you where you can grow your skills by getting more certifications. So, you must focus on growing your skills because these certifications are only important for starting your career but they won’t let you earn your desired income.

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