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CompTIA IT Fundamentals Practice Exam: Preparation Guide

The CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification exam covers the essential knowledge and skills needed to carry out some tasks that are commonly performed by entry-level professionals and advanced end users in the Information Technology field. These tasks include setting up workstation, such as conducting software installations, identifying compatibility concerns, and recognizing and averting security risks, launching network connectivity, overseeing the safety, and protective maintenance of computer systems.

The capability to carry out these tasks will earn you the CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification. To be able to perform these tasks, you need to have hands-on experience along with the theoretical knowledge of the exam concept. To fully understand the scope of the certification test, it is expedient to know what the exam objectives are.

CompTIA IT Fundamentals Exam Objectives:

    Fundamentals functions of Operating System

    Installation of Windows 8.1 & Fedora Linux Work Station

    Configuration of Mobile Devices

    Compatibility of Device Driver for OS Support

    Utilizing Productivity Software: Open Office & Windows Live Mail

    Utilizing Collaboration Software: Online Apps and Cloud Storage

    Utilizing Productivity Software: PDF Creators, Remote Desktop, and Desktop Publishing

    Knowledge of File Compression Formats

    Knowledge of Executable Files

    Knowledge of Management of Network Password

    Installation and Configuration of Network base Anti Malware Software


With this understanding of the exam objectives, the next step is to start preparation for the certification exam. It is important to incorporate a CompTIA Fundamentals practice test into your study plan. This is very essential to your performance in the exam. You cannot focus on only textbooks and study guide without checking out your knowledge level about what you are reading. Taking FC0-U51 practice test is a sure way of evaluating your readiness to write the certification exam. It also helps you to know the areas where you need to put more efforts in studying.

The major reason why you should invest ample time in going through sample questions and IT Fundamentals practice exam is to offer you the information you need to know about the structure and pattern of the examination. The practice questions will make you familiar with the expectation of the exam as well as the types, and difficult level of the questions. You also get to have a feel of the real examination while taking the practice questions.

To help you start off your practice, we have given some sample questions. Please note that these questions are basic exam questions but they represent the likely questions you are going to come across during your actual CompTIA FC0-U51 exam. The questions are designed to give you a feel of the real exam. Take time to go through them and practice. Take note of all questions you get wrong and go over the course content that relates to such questions. Go over the content again and take the CompTIA IT Fundamentals exam questions again until you are sure you have a full grasp of all the questions and their answers.

CompTIA IT Fundamentals Sample Exam Questions:


    Which of the options of security threats mentioned below will be reduced by cable locks?

    Dumpster diving

    Shoulder surfing

    Hardware theft



    Which of the following items is used as temporary storage for program data and is emptied as soon as the computer system is turned off?


    System memory


    Hard drive


    Which of the listed items below is the function of CPU?

    Offers storage location for different files

    Encrypts data solely for remote transmission

    Delivers electricity to different components

    Executes data computation


    Why is password complexity the best practice?

    It mandates users to develop the skills of typing

    It makes it almost impossible to crack passwords

    It makes users to write their password so that they will not be forgotten

    It discourages system users from using same password for diverse accounts


    Which of the items listed below is a common means of preventing physical theft of a work station or a laptop?

    Lock device and cable securely connected to an unmovable object

    Destroy any sensitive information before disposing

    Avoid keeping passwords close to the computer

    Develop and activate excellent awareness skills when entering PINs or passwords


    Which of the listed software types can protect a desktop from attacks from malicious threats?






     In a situation where many users want to share a joint folder with high level availability. Which device is the best to use in this circumstance?

    Firewall and security management

    Large USB drive with connection to the PC

    Network attached storage device

    Medium level capacity SATA drive


    Which of the items listed below is the best option of fastest printer connections?






    A staff member is making use of a desk phone that is connected through a network cable. What technologies is the desk phone using?






    You just finished browsing on the internet through a public place workstation. What is the next step to take to best secure your PII?

    Clear your browser cache, history, and cookies

    Log out of guest account on the system and reboot

    Update browsers, plug-ins, and extensions

    Conduct a virus scan on the work station


    Which of the items below refers to a case of printing on the two sides of a paper?

    Multiplex printing

    Dual printing

    Duplex printing

    Simplex printing


    ———————— Device uses charge coupled device

    Image scanner


    Touch screen



    Which of the listed printers usually utilize tractor feed technology as its paper feed?

    Laser printer

    Thermal printer

    Dot Matrix printer

    Inkjet printer


    —————— PC components come with an air filter


    LAN Card




    ————————– is a form of advertising online through the World Wide Web with the aim of attracting traffic to the website






    Which of the items listed below utilizes hard disk drive space to offer additional memory to a computer?


    Virtual memory


    Cache memory


    ——————- is also called palmtop computer system






    ————————- is a video capture device that is connected to a computer network or the computer itself


    Web camera

    Digital camera

    USB optical drive


    Which of the RAM types mentioned below cannot be used with a laptop?






    The highest number of heads that are limited by BIOS is ———






    Which of the devices listed below can be connected to LAN segment?






    —————– is not measured by digital pocket multi-meter


    Bad sectors in hard disk

    Cable continuity

    Power supply voltage

    Power connector voltage


    Which of the devices listed below allows the signal of the television to be received through a computer system?

    Video card

    Sound card

    Tuner card



    Which of the items listed below is not considered as a parallel port mode?






    Which of the listed memory types is considered a volatile memory?


    Virtual memory




The IT Fundamentals practice test is an integral part of your preparation towards your certification exam. It not only boosts your confidence level in your preparation, but it also makes learning interesting and less boring. To make your learning process more interesting, you can create a study group and have everyone in the group part in the exam practice together. Through this, everyone gets motivated by others scores and you can all review the questions and answers you miss together as a team. Preparing for IT Fundamentals exam requires a lot of effort in study and taking practice test.

It is important to mention that the questions highlighted above are practice exam questions and not braindumps or exam dumps. They are designed to help you understand how the questions are structured so that you know what to expect during the test. They are not real exam questions that have been used by the CompTIA candidates. This does not mean that some of the questions cannot be seen during the exam. However, do not treat the practice tests as you would questions from brain dumps.

You can access other sample practice questions from numerous platforms online. It is essential that you check the exam study guide before you attempt to take practice questions. This will help you determine if the questions you are working with are up to date or not.

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