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Top Certifications in IT World

The IT industry is a broad industry and it has lots of opportunities for the individuals that want to become a part of this industry. There are thousands of individuals that have already become a part of this industry and there are lots of them that are still waiting in the queue. The best thing about this industry is that it is an endless industry and there are lots of chances of growth for the individuals that want to start their career in the IT industry.

The reason why we love the IT industry is that it provides an opportunity for every individual to earn a reputation in the professional world. That’s why a huge number of people are registering for the IT certifications every year because they want to prove to the rest of the world that they also have the skills that others do not have.

In other words, the IT industry is providing a remarkable source of income to the individuals that could not complete their studies due to some reasons. In order to obtain an IT certification, you’d have to spend a few months on the preparation and you’d be ready to start your professional career after getting these certifications.

In today’s article, we will take a look at the IT certifications that individuals can obtain in order to start their career in the IT world. So, let’s get started.

Cisco CCNA

The CCNA is one of the most popular IT certifications that individuals usually apply for when they are about to start their journey in the IT industry. The certification program is launched by Cisco for the IT professionals that want to start their career in the networking world. The networking is an ever growing industry and it has lots of opportunities for the individuals that want to get their first job in the IT industry.

It is an associate level certification but it is so much valuable that it will help you get your first job in the IT industry and you’d be earning a good amount of money after getting this certification. The preparation resources for this certification exam are available on the official website of Cisco. So, you can use those resources to strengthen your knowledge before taking the exam.

This certification is extremely valuable because it will open numerous career paths for you. The reason why this certification has become popular is that there are many companies that are now willing to hire the certified professionals that can handle several networking tasks for them. So, you must choose this certification if you want to earn a better reputation in the IT industry.

The candidates for this exam should keep in their minds that it is a very difficult exam and they cannot pass the exam if they haven’t prepared well. Therefore, they must come completely prepared on the exam day.

CompTIA A+ Technician

It is an entry-level IT certification that will help jump-start your career in the IT industry. The individuals that have successfully obtained this certification are responsible for the maintenance of several IT devices such as printers, laptops, operating systems, PCs, and mobile devices. We are surrounded by these devices nowadays. So, you can understand the importance of getting this certification.

There are many companies that hire the certified A+ technicians to carefully handle their devices. The certified A+ technicians usually spend most of their time in the comfortable environment because these devices rarely get out of order. And they can also feel comfortable while working on the maintenance of these devices.

The candidates that are willing to get the CompTIA A+ certification are supposed to pass two different exams. The first exam is the performance-based exam and the second one is multiple-choice. The best thing about this exam is that it is an easy approach and the candidates can smoothly pass the exam if they have used all the available resources.

After getting this certification, the candidates can apply for different job titles such as Desktop support technician, In-home support specialist, and help desk technician. There are lots of other job opportunities that individuals can obtain after getting this certification.

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

Getting a Microsoft certification clearly indicates that you are going to earn a great amount of money in the IT industry because Microsoft is a popular name in the IT industry. The MCSE is the mid-level certification where you get to learn the ways to build unique solutions across multiple technologies.

I believe that it is one of the most powerful certifications that one can obtain to become a part of the IT industry. This certification is offered in different specializations such as data platform, private cloud, desktop infrastructure, server infrastructure, business intelligence, SharePoint, communication, messaging, and enterprise devices and apps.

Depending on the type of option you have selected, the steps to become an MSCE certified may differ. However, the exam is a five-step process and there are different types of questions included in the exam such as simulation problems, drag-and-drop, and multiple choice.

CompTIA Network+

It is also a very popular IT certification that determines that whether you have the capabilities of designing, managing, and troubleshooting the wired and wireless networks or not. The demand for the individuals that have obtained this certification is continuously increasing. This is an easier exam and you can easily earn this certification to become an IT professional.

The registration fee for this exam is $285. And after getting this certification, you’d be able to apply for several job titles like Information technology technician, Information technology specialist, and helpdesk technician.


We have provided complete information about the IT certification you can obtain to start your career in the IT industry. Now, the ball is in your court and it’s your turn to decide that which IT certification suits you the best. If you need detailed information about these certifications, you can simply send us a request and we will provide you a detailed answer to your question.

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