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RHCSA Exam Questions and Answers

There is no doubt that the Red Hat certifications are one of the prestigious credentials in the IT field. As a fact, they are in high demand across the different departments of IT organizations all over the world. Many employers prefer hiring candidates who in addition to having the experience and vast knowledge about the certification topics also has a certificate to show for the knowledge and experience. If you have any of the Red Hat credential, you can be confident that you will get your desired job. This is why many professionals are going all out to register to write the professional exam that will earn them the certification.

Preparing for the RHCSA exam is not a small issue. You have to be committed to study and be adequately prepared to be able to pass your exam when you attempt it. There are numerous resource materials that you have to study and you also need to have some hands-on experience to be able to answer some of the questions. For many test takers, it takes months to be fully prepared to write the exam. Of course, many candidates cannot wait to study for that long before they earn their certification. Many of these exam takers therefore opt for RHCSA exam dumps for the exams.

Using exam dumps comes with its own challenges and shortcomings. One of the challenges of using dumps is the level of understanding and knowledge you will gain from using them. The purpose of taking a certification exam in the first place is to showcase your knowledge and skills in the areas that are being tested. With RHCSA dumps however you only study the exam questions and answers and not the real body of knowledge that you are expected to know. When you use braindumps, you can pass your exam but you will be short of the knowledge required to execute jobs based on your certification. If you want to use brain dumps therefore, it should be for review purposes and not the main source of preparation for the test.

Instead of relying solely on RHCSA exam dumps 2018, you can opt for a legal RHCSA practice exam as a tool for your exam preparation. When looking for practice exam questions, you can be rest assured that there are many genuine platforms where you can access them. These questions are designed in the same structure as the real exam. So, when you work on the questions, you have the feel that you are working on real exams. Some of these questions were extracted from the actual exams to help you understand the types of questions to expect and how to answer them.

Samples of RHCSA Exam Questions

To help you start up your exam preparation with practice questions, we have extracted some practice questions with their answers. Go through the questions and the answers provided for them. Understand how the questions are structured and the answers that are provided to them. When you are ready to take more practice questions, you can always access numerous questions from different websites.

Password reset

This is the most important question in the RHCSA certification exam. If you can’t reset password, there is no way you can get access into the system to solve other questions.

To reset password:

    Get the system into an emergency mode

    Reboot the system and click the ‘e’ button to enter grub edit menu

    Locate Linuxefi line or Linex-16 and include ‘rd.break – selinux = 0 at the end of the line

    Initiate the booting process by pressing on CTRL+X

    Reset password:

Re-mount the sys-root file system on r/w mode. Use the chroot at/ sysroot:

# mount – o remount, -rw / sysroot

# chroot / sysroot

    Change password

# passwd

Exit the shell and then reboot the system to be able to login with root using the newly changed password.

Set host name and network settings

The fastest and easiest method to achieve this is to utilize the nmtui command:

    => configure Network

    Set Host name

#hostname-ctl set- host name NEW_ HOSTNAME

Where Y is your personal station number, install an Apache package. Include documents stored in NFS mounted directories.


    #yum install – y httpd

    #Firewall – cmd – permanent – add/service = http

    #Firewall – cmd – reload

    #system ctl – start – httpd

    #system ctl – enable – httpd

    #getsebool – a / grep – nfs / grep – httpd

    #setsevool – P – httpd _ use _ nfs on

Increase an existing xfs file system to a size of 200MB, adding a label known as Fss.


    #lvextend – size + 150m – r / dev/ vg/ lv _ xfs or Ivextend – size 200m – r /dev/ vg/ lv _ xfs


    #xfs _ admin – L Fss /dev/ vg/ lv _ xfs

    #mount / xfs

Create two different users ; john with uid/ gid equals to 5000 with password – 123322, and james with uid/ gid equals to 4000 with password – 321124


    # useradd – u 5000 john

    # password – john

    New Password – 123322

    # Useradd – u 4000 james

    # password – jack

    New Password – 321124

Install the right kernel update using ftp://study.certification/pub/updates to get the requirements below:

Update kernel is known as the default kernel when you reboot a system.


Kernel Update –

    wget – *

    rpm – ivh – kernel*

Reboot the computer system to validate that the kernel has been updated successfully

    u-name – r (this is to confirm the new kernel

A user named John need to configure a cron job which runs on a daily basis at 08:30 local time and also executes –

    /bin/ echo Learn certification


    cron tab –eu john

    08 30 * * * /bin/ echo/ Learn certification

    cron tab – lu john (to validate the job)

How do you create a shared folder?

The first step is to create a directory that other members of stooges’ team can access. Be sure that the stooges group owns the created files in the directly. The best solution is to utilize the SGID bit in the directory.

    # mkdir/ shared

    # chown: stooges/ shared

    # chmod 2775/ shared OR chmod / g+t / shared

How to activate and initiate services through systemctl

During your exam, you will be required to activate and initiate any service. For the purpose of this practice question, we will enable GUI target.

    # systemctl enable – graphical . target

    # systemctl start – graphical . target

How do you use ACLs on files?

    The first step is to create file/ tmp/ acl _ file

    The file is created and owned by kate:kate

    Allow jack and larry to rwx the file

    Don’t allow carl to access the file (rwx)

Every member of stooges group (with the exception of carl) should have access to the file (rw).


The above are just sample exam questions for the RHCSA certification test. Before you start working on practice questions, the first step is to check the study guide to understand the knowledge area you are meant to study and understand. Knowing the knowledge areas that will be tested will enable you know how to choose practice questions so that you don’t waste time on irrelevant questions. As mentioned earlier, do not start your study with braindumps or exam dumps. If you can, avoid them altogether and use practice question instead. The purpose of writing a certification test is to understand the exam objectives so that you can handle real live scenario when you are faced with the challenge. Using exam dumps will only give you what you need to pass the exam and not the real knowledge that you need to perform in real job.

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