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How to Find Correct Answers to All PMP Exam Questions

The Project Management Professional (PMP) is a certification organized by the Project Management Institute. PMI is a global certification vendor, offering some of the most prestigious credentials to professional. The PMP certification exam contains 200 multiple-choice questions covering the five different process groups and nine body of knowledge. The five process groups consist of Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring & Controlling, and Closure. The nine body of knowledge on the other hand detailed Integration, Scope, Cost, Human Resources, Time, Risk, Procurement, Quality, and Communication.

It is important to mention that out of the two hundred PMP questions, there are 25 of them that are pre-test questions. They are inserted randomly in the exam questions. The pre-test questions do not have any effect on the test taker’s scores and are only used as an effective method of increasing the number of possible exam questions that can be used for the PMP test in the future. To earn the certification, you have to answer at least 106 questions correctly out of the 175 questions. This means you need to earn about 61% of the total scores to qualify to earn the PMP certification.

Before attempting the certification exam, it is important that you develop a study plan to help you in your exam preparation. In your study plan, make enough space for taking PMP practice exam 2018. Taking practice questions is a great way to develop confidence in your knowledge level and your expertise in preparation for the test. When you practice, you know your areas of strengths as well as areas of weaknesses. You will have confidence in your strengths and work harder to improve on your areas of weaknesses.

When taking PMP exam questions 2018, it is important that you take note of all areas where you are making mistakes. Review the related knowledge area and go through the topics again to broaden your knowledge and then go over the questions again.

To help you in your exam preparation, we will go through a couple of PMP questions and answers to start you off in your exam practice. These questions are based on the knowledge areas as detailed in the PMBOK.

PMP Practice Questions and Answers

A project has a 65% prospect of a $120,000USD profit and a 35% chance of a $120,000USD loss. What is the Expected Monetary Value of the project?

    $36,000 Profit

    $120,000 Profit

    $42,000 Loss

    $78,000 Loss

Rationale for answer:

The Expected Monetary Value (EMV) is arrived at by the following calculation –

EMV = Probability x Impact; both the negative and positive values should be computed and then add both values.

0.65 x $120,000 = $78,000

0.35 x $120,000 = $42,000

EMV = $78,000 – $42,000

= $36,000 Profit


What is the meaning RACI?

    Recommended Accountable Confirm Inform

    Responsible Accountable Consulted Inform

    Responsible Accountable Confirm Inform

    Recommended Accountable Consulted Inform

Rationale for answer:

The RACI chart is a model of the RAM (Responsibility Assignment Matrix) and it is used to reflect the relationship between coordinated activities and team members.


Which of the statement below is a true reflection of what a Program is?

    A program is an aspect of a big project

    A program is a cluster of interrelated projects

    A program is a cluster of unrelated projects

    None of the above

Rationale for answer:

Reference for the answer can be seen on Page 9 of the 5th Edition of PMBOK Guide.


The project team and the project manager plan a meeting to review lessons taken from some previous projects. What activity is the team members involved in?

    Status meeting for project team

    Risk identification

    Performance management

    Scope identification


Take for instance that the ends of a different range of estimations are +/-3 sigma from a specific mean; among the following range of estimation, which one involves the minimum risk?

    22 – 30 days

    30 days +/- 5 days

    Mean of 28 days

    Optimistic: 26 days, pessimistic: 33 days, most likely: 30 days

Rationale for answer:

The estimation with the least range is the one with the less risk.


During a conference of bidders, you discovered that one of the bidders is your close associate. What is the next step to take?

    Disclose the relationship to your management

    Pass some confidential information to him

    Avoid giving the contract to him to show your level of integrity

    Resign from the bidding process with immediate effect

Rationale for answer:

There is obviously a conflict of interest in this scenario. It is crucial that you inform your bosses about the relationship.


You have a project that is expected to last for a period of five months. There is a 20% chance that a particular risk will occur in a given month. What is the probability that the purported risk will ever happen in the 4th month of your project?


    Less than 1%




An agreed project deadline is fast approaching. However, you as a project manager discovered that only a 75% of the project has been completed. There is therefore an urgent need to issue change request. What will the change request sanction?

    Remedial action based on reasons

    Extra resources utilizing contingency fund

    Team overtime to be able to meet deadline

    Escalation of approval to utilize contingency fund


Risk will normally be recognized during ——————— risk management process(s)

    Identify Risks

    Performance Quantitative Risk Analysis & Identify Risks

    Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis & Monitor & Control Risks

    Identify Risks & Monitor & Control Risks


Your building project has been damaged by an earthquake. The contractor is insisting that he cannot fulfil the terms of contract as a result of a certain clause in the contract that both of you signed. What clause is he referring to?

    Contract obligation terms

    Force majeure clause

    fixed price clause

    none of the above


A project manager should —————————– when making an estimate for time for activities.

    Estimate for everything the cost will permit and also include buffers

    Make the best guess and estimate the different activities since there is the possibility of having changes along the way in the course of the project and more information will be made available by then

    Get team members that will be involved in the work to put together the estimate

    None of the above


All the following are always inputs to risk management process, with the exception of ——-

    Project status report

    Historical information

    Work breakdown structure

    Lessons learned

Rationale for answer:

Project status report can sometimes be part of input to risk management. However, if the risk management is being completed for the first time, project status report will not be needed. Project status report is therefore not ALWAYS part of input to risk management.


What is the reason why Risk Tolerance must be determined? So as to help ————

    The project manager makes estimations for the project

    The team ranks the risks entailed in the project

    Management understand how other managers will perform on the project

    The team schedules different aspects of the project


If there is a 90% possibility for a risk event to occur, with a consequence of $10,000 USD. What will $9,000USD means?

    Contingency budget

    Risk value

    Expected Monetary Value (EMV)

    Present Value


When you use control charts, what are outliers?

    Typical result of an uncommon cause which is hard to duplicate and        validate

    Singular measurements outside of the bandwidth between lower and upper control limit

    Inconsequential results, usually measurement errors, the cause of which does not need further investigation

    Contradictory measurements with a run of seven results under or over a mean value


You are in charge of a project to implement and engineer a software solution and a set of business process for client relationship management. The project entails large volume of businesses (including a major corporation and group of suppliers of various capacity and sizes). In the course of the project, you discovered the impacts of the discrepancies between organizations’ corporate cultures. This leads to varying expectations on how to handle the project as well as other misunderstandings among stakeholders. Another impact is a rising scepticism and distrust. As the project manager, what will you do to integrate the different stakeholder groups?

    Analyze possibility and effect of the risk that are linked with the scenario and plan on how to respond and manage them

    Focus on the project. The project manager should not be distracted from the objectives of the project by big egos

    Create a quality joint policy for the project at hand and canvas for commitment from all stakeholders

    Allow the issues to grow until they are evident to everyone and then escalate them


You discovered that it is hard to evaluate the specific cost impact of a particular risk. What should you evaluate on?

    Numerical basis

    Quantitative basis

    Economic basis

    Qualitative basis



The structure of the questions and answers detailed above is what you should expect in your PMP real exam questions 2018. It is important to note that the questions above may not come exactly as highlighted above, but the structure and concept are quite the same.

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