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Pros and Cons of Using CCNA Exam Dumps

The CCNA certification exam is a challenging task co complete, and looking for additional ways to pass it is not a bad thing. For many test takers, opting for the CCNA exam dumps is the most convenient and easiest option. With the help of these dumps, you can reduce your study time and completely focus on memorizing the correct answers to the exam questions. However, before you take the first step towards preparing for your certification test, there are some pertinent factors that you need to consider. First and foremost, it is important to understand what the exam is all about before you go ahead to prepare for it.

Details of the CCNA certification exam

The CCNA exam is required to earn your certification. The fact is that there are many opportunities that come along earning this certification. There is a whole world of potentials that is opened for you in the IT field. With the right certification and credentials, you can change the focus of your career and become a top professional that you have always wanted to be.

The Cisco CCNA certification can be achieved in two ways. You can either take two different exams: 100-105 ICND1 and 200-105 ICND2, or just one: 200-125 CCNA. During each exam, the candidates have a total of 90 minutes to answer 50 questions. Non-native English speakers receive an additional 30 minutes to complete the test. It is important to mention that there are specific criteria that you need to meet in order to get this extra time, so if you think that you are subject to this rule, don’t forget to tell your instructor prior to the exam. To pass the exam, you are required to score at least 810 points out of total 1000. Registering for the CCNA certification exam costs $325.

The CCNA certification is valid for a period of three years. To be able to recertify it, you have to pass the most recent version of the CCNA test, or the ICND2 exam, or the CCNA concentration exam. Another option for recertifying is passing any of the professional-level or specialist exams (excluding the Sales Specialist exam). You can also renew your CCNA certification by passing the current CCDE or CCIE written exam.

Recommended resources for the CCNA certification exam

There are different resource materials that can be recommended to help you prepare for your certification exam. You can access practice CCNA exam questions while preparing for your test to ensure you know your level of readiness to take the certification exam. Many candidates prefer using CCNA dumps 2018 for their exam preparation as it reduces the overall duration of study time, but before you go ahead and choose exam dumps to prepare for your exam, it is critical that you understand the numerous implications of using the tool. If you are wondering about alternative resource tools that you can use for your exam preparation, below are some materials that are used and widely recommended by numerous test takers.

    Cisco Exploration and Cisco Discovery Study Guide

    Cisco Press ICND1 and ICND2 Certification Guide

    Sybex CCNA – 6th Edition authored by Todd Lammle

    Cisco CCNA Networking Academy

Other resource materials include video trainings that you can get through CBT Nuggets, Test-Out, and Train Signal sites. It is important to point out that these videos are quite pricey but if your budget allows it, you should definitely check them out. These video tutorials offer you an opportunity to learn new things and they definitely add value to your knowledge and skills.

In addition to this, there are other specialized websites and forums where you can access information that will help you prepare for the exam. First is the Cisco official website. Everything you need to know about the CCNA certification exam can be gotten from the Cisco website. Other websites that you can check out during preparation for your exam include:

CCNA exam dumps

The concept of using exam dumps and braindumps is a very controversial topic among test takers and professionals of the IT field. There are many individuals who believe that using braindumps is not a bad idea for preparing for your exam. There is also another group of people who believe that using them is illegal and unethical. Depending on which side of the fence you are, using exam dumps can be beneficial and at the same time disastrous.

Pros of using CCNA exam dumps

Truthfully, there are certain benefits that are associated with using the CCNA dumps for one’s preparation. Of course, the benefits can also be termed negative but there is definitely something in it that makes exam takers go after it. One major benefit is the edge it gives to exam takers over other candidates. Using CCNA questions and answers provided by exam dumps is like having access to the real exam questions and answers even before the real exam. In this situation, you practically do not need to study. You only have to look through the questions and answers and memorize them so that you can replicate them during your exam. Another benefit is the reduction in the study time. With exam dumps, you don’t need to spend weeks and months to study and prepare for your certification exam. All you need is a fraction of the time to go through the CCNA test questions and the answers that have been provided for them. Study and memorize them and you are ready to write your exam.

Cons of using CCNA exam dumps

The first issue with using braindumps is that they are not legal. Using dumps to prepare for your exam is against the ethics of certification and many vendors are consistently waging a war against their usage. This is why you will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement before you write your exam which implies that you are not supposed to share your questions or answers with a third party. However, the questions still get out and find their way to online braindumps.

Using exam dumps is considered a cheat because you are gaining an edge over other test takers through an unethical method. Another important disadvantage of using this training tool is the inability to appropriately study the whole certification course. It is necessary to mention that earning a certification is just the first step towards working on a specific program. You need to develop the skills and expertise as well as knowledge about the subject of discourse. If you don’t take time to study and go through the course materials, there is no way you will understand the content of the certification course. And without understanding the contents of the certification, there is no possible way of delivering on the job. A certification can get you a job but only the knowledge and experience will help you to maintain it. Exam dumps do not give the opportunity for in-depth learning of the certification course details but rather only provide peripheral knowledge. Therefore, if you know that you want to be able to deliver optimally in your field, irrespective of your certification, the only solution is to study the course itself before you write the exam.

What’s more important, many exam dumps are irrelevant. This can be very disastrous to your goal of passing your certification exam, especially if you don’t take time to go through the rest of the course content. If all you do is depend on the questions and answers from the dumps without taking time to study what kind of questions to expect, you may be unpleasantly surprised by the huge difference between your actual exam and what you practised while using brain dumps. So, it is better to take time to go through the exam guide and understand the course content to know how to prepare for the exam.

How to use exam dumps?

Before you go ahead and use any CCNA questions from exam dumps, it is important to first understand the concept for each of the questions. It is an erroneous act to just try to learn the correct answers to particular questions without first understanding what the concept behind the question us. If you are planning to use exam dumps, first go through the certification course and understand the basics and details of each of the concept. After this, you can go ahead to use dumps as a final preparation tool.


The CCNA exam dumps are available all through the Internet and you can get some of them for free. There are some others that you will be required to pay for. Before you make any financial commitment to buying any of them, be sure that the site is genuine and offers 100% guarantee for passing the exam. Do not completely depend on exam dumps in preparing for your CCNA exam. Use other resource materials to have in-depth understanding on the course content.

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