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Top Cloud Certifications and Related Jobs

Thinking of developing a career in the IT sector? Consider the top cloud certifications as your starting point. Cloud is progressing rapidly as the essential part of the IT industry and thus the demand for cloud experts is also increasing. However, with the stiff competition in the job market, one needs to stand out from the crowd in terms of expertise.

If you take a career in cloud computing and you want to get your dream job or get promoted this compilation of the top cloud certifications would be the best choice for you. Once you are certified as a cloud expert, your cloud career gets a huge boost which gives you a plus in your job search effort.

Top Cloud Certifications in 2018

Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge

Due to the rise of disasters like fire and theft, information has become vulnerable so companies and organizations have adopted cloud storage where sensitive information is stored. As a result, the need for information security experts is also in high demand.

The demand for individuals who are proficient when it comes to executing cloud security programs for cloud security is also on the rise.

This means that individuals looking for the best cloud security certification would not go wrong with the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge. The CCSK authenticates your proficiency in cloud security. The credential is administered by the Cloud Security Alliance. The certification is good for Security and IT experts to give their skills a boost.

There is no precondition for the CCSK exam. However, you will want to have some qualification to get the exam such as:

– Capability to offer guidance on executing secure Google cloud services

– Elementary knowledge of the essentials of cloud security

– Elementary knowledge of maintaining cloud solution security in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

– Some knowledge of working on applications established on either of the cloud solutions.

The exam tests on multiple-choice, multiple-select, and case-study based questions and take 90 minutes. The CCSK certification is applicable to diverse careers. In fact, it is the best cloud certification for cloud security. Jobs for this certification may be associated with designing, implementation, development, security of the cloud and architecture.

Cisco Certified Network Administrator Cloud – CCNA Cloud

Another certification from Cisco that is challenging but valuable is the Cisco Certified Network Administrator Cloud. When it comes to networking equipment, Cisco is a leading vendor. The CCNA Cloud is meant to prepare professionals for on-the-job work which includes maintenance tasks and administration. In this certification, you will learn the fundamentals of Cisco cloud setup and administration and other services such as Cisco UCS.

The certification does not require any official prerequisite, however, you will need to have some experience before taking the two certification exams namely CLDFND & CLDADM. The certification is valid for 3 years, after which you will need to sit for another exam to recertify yourself.

The exams test on 55-65 questions which take 90 minutes. Once you earn the certification, you can expect to work as a cloud engineer, network engineer or a cloud administrator.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate – AWS CSAA

Amazon Web Services is also another leading vendor in the cloud market. It was introduced in 2013 and administers three certification paths which are Developing, Architecting, and Operations with two stages, Associate, and Professional. Afterward, AWS introduced two domain certifications to authenticate the special cloud capabilities which are AWS Certified Big Data Specialty and AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty.

The Amazon Web Services Solutions Architect Associate is the first stage of Architecting route. If you want to distribute and design cloud applications and services using AWS, this certification would be your best choice. AWS CSAA a recognized and best cloud certification over the cloud setting. The certification exam validates an individual’s knowledge and experience of architecting and distribution of strong and safe applications on AWS platform.

The certification exam does not require any prerequisite; however, you will require some knowledge for the exam such as an understanding of the distribution of hybrid solutions with AWS components, some understanding of at least a high-level programming language and one or more years of experience in designing and distribution of cloud systems on AWS platform.

The certification exam test on 80; multiple-choice and multiple-response questions and takes 55 minutes. Once you earn the certification, expect to work as Solutions Architect, Software Architect, and Senior Solutions Cloud Architect.

Google Cloud Architect Certification – GCAC

Another certification for individuals who want to assess their understanding of Google tools and Cloud design is the Google Cloud Architecture Certification. The certification is administered by Google and it proves an individual’s technical proficiency and skills as a Cloud Architect. The certification is aimed at an impacting knowledge of Google cloud platform and architecture. In addition, the certification gives you knowledge of scheming, developing, and managing mountable, strong and secure systems on Google Cloud. To earn the certification, you must pass the professional Cloud Architect exam.

The certification exam does not require any official prerequisite; however, there are some basics for one to be eligible for the certification exam such as the ability to offer guidance on executing Google cloud systems, a good understanding of configuring and maintaining Google cloud systems and more.

The exam tests on multiple-choice, multiple-select and case-study based questions and take 120 minutes. Once you earn the certification, you can expect to work as a Google Cloud Architect.


Cloud Computing has grown tremendously and is expected to grow even more in the years to come. If you want to stand out from the crowd in terms of career, you need to equip yourself with cloud computing skills. Note that the list for the cloud certifications is not exhaustive but it balances your investment of time and the prospective job opportunities.

The list contains the top cloud certifications to give your cloud career a huge boost. Choose the one that is perfect for your skills and become a certified cloud expert. These certifications can also be your foundation for expert-level positions.

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