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ITIL Practitioner ITIL Practitioner
ITIL4 Managing Professional Transition ITIL4 Managing Professional Transition
ITILFND V4 ITIL 4 Foundation
ITILSC-OSA ITIL Service Capability Operational Support and Analysis
ITILSC-SOA ITIL Service Capability Service Offerings and Agreements

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ITIL Certifications: What you need to know

ITIL is a popular thing in the world IT, it is essentially a set of comprehensive practices or techniques for IT service management. If you are someone who is interested in IT or are learning IT, then you will certainly be aware with ITIL. The procedures and processes that ITL features are not specific to any one organization, instead they can be used by any organization as long as it is IT focused.

Aside from providing useful IT solutions to companies and organizations, ITIL also provides certificates to whoever is able to pass their exams. These certifications are targeted towards a very specific audience.

Reasons to Take ITIL V3 Exam

There are many reasons that can compel you to take ITIL V3 exam, there are without any doubt many advantages of getting hold of such a certificate. Some of the main reasons are as follows:

Higher Pay

First and foremost, if you are an individual who is the proud owner of an ITIL certification, then it can do wonders for you. Having this certificattion means that you possess the skills that are needed to tackle IT related tasks. There is a high demand for such individuals in the market and therefore they are paid higher than most others. If your employer sees that you have ITIL certification under your belt then it will automatically increase your salary. The annual salary of the ITIL certified professionals ranges from $49,273 to $112,579.

Stand Out

ITIL certification will also help you to stand out from the crowd. With a certificate, you will already have a lot of practice in the field. You will be confident in your skills and will be able to find solutions to problems at a much faster pace. This kind of performance will also impress your employers.


The main reason to prepare for this certificate and get it is so that you can learn more about your field. When you are preparing for ITIL V3 exam, then you will come across many new concepts that you will find interesting. If you are interested in IT, then ITIL certification will really help you to bring out your talents. More knowledge is something that you always need in the job market, and you can do it by taking the exam.

The Levels

ITIL V3 certification is divided into five different levels and each level requires from the candidate to develop some new skills. The five main levels are described below.

ITIL Foundation

The ITIL foundation is the entry-level certification course that will familiarize you with the basic ITIL Services. You have to do well at this level because without the basic information you cannot think about progress.

ITIL Practitioner

ITIL practitioner certificate is fairly new as it was just introduced in 2016. This certification mainly requires the candidate to adopt and adapt to the ITIL framework.

ITIL Intermediate

The intermediate levels are further broken down into other modules. If you get the ITIL Intermediate certificate then it will probably be enough for you to get you a good job.

ITIL Expert

The level 4 is known as ITIL Expert and it takes a deeper dive into the ITIL framework, it is a certificate that is highly regarded and the holder has a lot of respect.

ITIL Master

The last level of certification is known as ITIL Master and it focusses on comprehensive knowledge, techniques, and methods of ITIL.