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Best It Certifications for Beginners That Will Help to Grow Your Career

An IT certification is a designation of professionals in aspect of technology. IT certification not only advance the IT career but also help to earn a better income. In today’s fast faced generation IT certification is very important. Having certification makes one eligible for a job. Many beginners coming to this field have little experience or nothing but they join the right IT training courses. If you are a beginner to IT and want to grow your career then certifications are the best place to start with.

There are some common as well as powerful techniques which will help you to get your certification. Techniques such as to review the exam blue print, to review the past year questions, to practice exam questions as much as you can as practice makes perfect, to take a self-assessment exams, to conduct a group study, to ask someone who has passed the exam.

Some simple ways to prepare for a certification exam

In order to get ready for exam one has to be physically fit as well as mentally. Staying emotionally or nervous will definitely make your exam worse. Many people are very good at one or two of these areas. To stay physically fit, one need to have stress free. One need to sleep at least 8 hours a day, one need to study as much as he can. If you have stress then you have to do something to get rid of this and the most important part in order to get rid of this is dieting. Eating well and healthy is very important. Light foods like salad, vegetables, milk will make you feel energetic as well as will keep you alert for an upcoming exam. Conversely there are also some foods which will make to feel lethargic like potatoes, rice etc. There are no doubt good for health but one need to avoid these before and during study time.

To stay mentally ready for preparation of a certification exam one need to study books as much as he can. One need to collect information’s from internet regarding exam. Many textbooks provide many information and practicing the old exams will help you remember many theories and concepts.

You can also improve your chances of passing your exam by taking a training course which will help you to know what type of questions can come in your exam. You should be ready with your exam preparation tools. You should practice tests in order to gain your knowledge for certification exams.

There are many IT certifications for newcomers:

CompTIA A+: The Computing Technology Industry Association is an association which aims in furthering education. CompTIA is the best certification for newcomers in this filed. The simple way to get started is to take an old desktop and taking their things apart and learning each piece. CompTIA A+ includes the skill to install as well as configure operating systems.

CompTIA Network+: The ability to design, manage wired and wireless networks is verified by CompTIA Network. This is the second best certifications in IT. In order to achieve CompTIA Network+, one has to give a successful exam which includes a single 90 – question about configuration of wired and non – wireless networks. After achieving this, one can have many job titles like network support, network technician etc.

CompTIA Security+: Security plus training is a must for every beginner. In today’s world, security plus training is very important. For security plus training you don’t have to do any other courses. Many beginners will not able to grow their career if they don’t understand the basics of IT training.

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA): This is a certification which is awesome for any beginner building his career in networking system. One can achieve job titles like Network Engineer, System Administrator and there salary is no less than $80,873. In order to achieve this exam one has to pass successfully in two exams.

Some easy tips to pass your exam successfully

– You should begin to prepare at least a few weeks ago so that you do not have to rush to study for your exam. Start slowly and gradually in a way in which you are sure that you can complete your study before exam.

– Find necessary information from internet regarding exams and network systems. Watch videos to gain knowledge about desktop computers.

– Practicing tests will undoubtedly increase your memory power.

– To have a look on the previous year certification exams. Usually certification review courses are a great way to increase your knowledge.

Achieving certifications in IT will help you to get a job title like computer operation, system analyst, system administrator, program analyst etc. If you enjoy working with computers and want to work in this field then there are various jobs in several cities. IT workers need to have special knowledge and skill and this is the only reason they earn high salaries. But salaries may vary from state to state. Big companies may give larger salaries and small companies may give small salaries. The average hourly rate for computer engineers is approximately $44 while computer support specialists which are less skilled earn an average hourly rate of $21 per hour. According to researchers the salary of certified people is on average 11.9% higher than uncertified people.

Many employers prefer highly skilled candidates for their fields. The demand for highly skilled workers will continue to increase in the coming years. Some managers of IT say that they don’t pay much attention to certified candidates. They say that attitude, work experience are better indicators for hiring. While many IT managers pay attention to certified people. If you find yourself drawn to this field then it is a good chance and you can obtain a good paying job. Once you are hired, many companies will provide on – the – job training courses regarding various system used in networks.

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