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Is It Beneficial to Use Free CompTIA A+ Practice Tests?

The field of Information Technology is growing in bounds and smart professionals are taking advantage of the situation. Having the required knowledge and the certification is very critical when it comes to exploring the different opportunities that are available in the field. If you are thinking of earning a certificate that will propel you in the right career direction in Information Technology field, the CompTIA A+ credential is a great option to consider. There is no need to mince words; the CompTIA A+ certification exam is not an easy walk through for most people. To know how to pass CompTIA A+, you need to study hard and be well prepared before you attempt to sit for the exam. This does not mean you cannot achieve success at your first attempt. You only need to be dedicated to your study and take time to practice some exam questions. When it comes to practicing CompTIA A+ exam questions, using the free questions is your best choice to starting your preparation.

Free practice questions will help you develop capacity to score high during the exam and also open you up to areas of study where you need to pay more attention. You will discover your areas of strengths and weaknesses and be able to work on your weak areas.

To earn the CompTIA A+ certification, you need to pass the 220-901 as well as the 220-902 exams. Before you go ahead to use CompTIA A+ exam questions and answers 2018 for your preparation, you have to understand the different weights of each topic in terms of percentage. To help you understand the scope of the certification, we have highlighted the different aspects of the contents.

220-901 – Hardware

You can expect about 34% of the questions of the CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam on a hardware concept in IT. Some of the questions will be built around scenarios and will be performance based. In this aspect of the questions, you will be required to apply your technical knowledge to the given situation to select the correct answers. All questions in this category are focused on hardware of a specific technology system which includes the use, management, care, and meeting customers’ needs. You will also be given questions on printing, different devices, and configurations.

220-901 – Hardware & Network Troubleshooting

About 28% of the questions will be based on troubleshooting and the exam will also be mainly performance based. You will be given a situation, or scenario that contains some kinds of problem relating to network and hardware. The questions will require that you determine the possible solutions from the available information in combination with your Information Technology knowledge. The exam questions are designed to cover different areas of hardware and other tools.

220-901 – Mobile Devices

You can expect about 17% of the total questions on CompTIA A+ 901 to be focused on mobile devices. It is important to know the numerous differences among the many devices. In addition to this, you should be able to answer questions on configuration, accessories, and features of mobile devices.

220-901 – Networking

21% of the CompTIA A+ 901 exam will be based on network components and issues. It is important that you know how to use and make up different types of cables as well as other devices that are used in networks. Many of the questions will be performance based where you will have a given scenario and you will be required to apply specific knowledge to provide the answer.

220-902 – Operational Procedures

About 13% of the questions will be based on operation and procedures. You may be given a specific situation to address and some others that will require you summarize certain processes. You can expect questions on privacy, policy and licensing. You will also have questions on issues of aligning procedures with corporate policy and communicating effectively and professionally in IT environment.

220-902 – Other Operating System & Technologies

12% of the questions will focus on operating systems of Windows, Linux systems, and Mac OS. Topics covered include cloud concepts, mobile devices, client side virtualization, and networking.

220-902 – Security

Security is an important aspect of the CompTIA A+ certification and it covers about 22% of the exam topics. You will be asked questions that address vulnerabilities and threats, and how to prevent breaches. Topics to cover include basic security settings, best practices (including the ones for Small Office Home Office), wire and wireless networks.

220-902 – Software Troubleshooting

24% of the CompTIA A+ 902 exam questions will be based on finding and fixing issues with software. These problems may be associated with security or applications and how to apply appropriate tools to solve them.

220-902 – Windows Operating Systems

29% of the CompTIA A+ 902 test is focused on Windows Operating Systems. You will be required to display your knowledge of all currently used operating systems, starting from Vista to Windows 8.1. You will also be asked questions on installation, system features, control panel utilities, and command line tools.

The above topics are all you have to cover to be able to successfully complete your CompTIA A+ exams to earn your certification. Having established the scope of topics to cover, below are some CompTIA A+ practice tests to help you start off your exam preparation.

Sample Practice Tests for CompTIA A+

    A laptop has already been set up for a presentation on a podium but it is set to an extended laptop. The presenter wants to show what is on the screen of the laptop. Which of the options below will be the fastest way to achieve this?

    Reboot the laptop system

    Check for the setting in the control panel

    Change the laptop’s screen orientation

    Toggle dual display function key


    Which type(s) of printer(s) would a technician need to obtain its maintenance kit to include transfer roller, pick up rollers, and a fuser?






    Customers have been calling a help desk point to report that they are not able to access resources on the internet or the network. A professional technician already confirmed that all the hardware connections are functional. What settings would the technician need to check next on the system’s router?






    A professional technician is training new employees on safety. Which of the options below contains a probable hazardous voltage that should be handled with care, even when the power has been disconnected recently?

    CRT monitor

    Laser printer

    Paper shredder

    Wireless router


    A final consumer is developing a PC with a clear acrylic access panel to reveal the interiors. The consumer needs to have the inside cool as well as dust free. Which of the options below best solve the situation?

    Create negative pressure airflow with unfiltered exhausts and filtered exhausts

    Create positive pressure airflow with filtered exhausts and unfiltered intakes

    create negative pressure airflow with unfiltered exhausts and unfiltered intakes

    Create positive pressure airflow with unfiltered exhausts and unfiltered intakes


    Select two of the following cable types that will most likely be used to connect to external hard drive.





    USB 3.0



    A professional network technician has been given the task to deploy new VoIP mobile devices on a network. When he plugs the Ethernet cable for the device into a wall port, the phone refused to come up. When he plugs the Ethernet cable straight into a computer, the computer was able to access the device’s network. Which of the options below clearly indicate the possible cause of the problem?

    The technician is connecting the mobile device to the wrong port type

    The network switch is not supporting the PoE

    The technician is using the wrong type of Ethernet cable

    The firewall of the network is barring access to DHCP server


    Which of the ports below is normally used for sending email?






    A customer wants to repair a laptop because the laptop’s screen image is turned upside down. Which of the options below best solve the problem?

    Update the system’s video card drivers

    Change the video card

    Change screen orientation

    Connect to external monitor


    An organization desires to reduce paper consumption without reducing their ability to print. What settings should be configured on the system?






Taking practice questions for your certification exam is an integral part of how to study for CompTIA A+. No matter how much you study the text books and exam guide, if you don’t take out time to practice different topics on what you have studied, there is no way you know your level of comprehension. The questions above are just part of the practice questions and they are meant to give you a feel of the possible exam questions. You can access other sample questions from the numerous platforms online.

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