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Top Certifications to Launch Your Career in IT

Not sure what certification to launch your career in IT? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we are sharing the top certifications for that matter. Just continue reading.

If you are wondering what certification is lucrative and will help you launch your career in IT, you are not alone and that’s normal since the field is broad and it is not possible to know every aspect in this sector.

Getting certified is a proven way to showcase your knowledge and skills and also to advance your career in the IT sector. It doesn’t matter whether you want to get promoted or you just want to launch your career in IT but once you get certified, you make yourself marketable and in fact, it is the best way to prove your skills to managers and potential employers.

However, with the plenty of certification options out there, which one should you obtain? Relax! We have selected the top certifications for you. Note that our list contains the widely recognized and valuable in numerous IT positions. However, it will all depend on your work environment, skills and needs.

You can trust our list as we have done enough research and picked the top from over thousands of certification courses out there.

Without much ado, let’s dive in.

Cisco Certified Network Associate- CCNA

This is an entry-level certification that proves you are capable of installing, operating and companies and organization’s routers and switches. Professionals who have achieved the CCNA certification can identify and deter or solve a problem associated with networks. They may decide on what specialization to get into such as security, voice or wireless networking.

The CCNA is a valuable certification that can launch your career in IT and also put you in a position of getting employed since many employers are searching for professionals with this particular specification when hiring new entry-level professionals. To get this certification you need to study well. Note that the exam contains around 50 to 60 questions tested for one and a half hours.

Once you have achieved this certification, you can expect to work as a system administrator, network engineer or a network administrator.

Microsoft Certified IT Professional –MCITP

The MCITP is among the latest certifications in the IT industry. This IT certification allows IT, experts, to demonstrate capabilities when it comes to planning, distribution, supporting, sustaining, and optimizing IT setups. MCITP certifications are obtained for Microsoft exchange server, Windows Client, Windows Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server and more.

Certified Information System Security Professional – CISSP

The CISSP is a worldwide recognized certification in the IT field. A professional who has achieved the Certified Information System Security Professional certification proves the skills in information security and is proficient when it comes to protecting enterprises from security threats.

Also, once you achieve this certification, you prove to have extensive managerial and technical capabilities to plan and manage information security programs. This certification tests on 8 subjects namely risk management, asset security, security, software development, identity and access management, security engineering, security assessment and testing, software operations, and software development security. 250 questions are tested in an exam that takes roughly 6 hours.

Once you achieve the Certified Information System Security Professional certification, you can expect to work as a security analyst, information security analyst or an information technology auditor.

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer- MCSE

An individual who is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer demonstrates the capacity to create creative platforms on a wide range of technologies. Note that the MCSE is a mid-level IT certification that is contained in the communication, private cloud, data solutions, enterprise devices solutions, messaging, and more.

The exam for this certification follows a 5-step process and contains distinct question formats which could be multiple choice questions, drag-and-drop or simulation problems. Once you achieve this certification you can expect to work as a filed systems technician, system engineers or a system administrator.


The Network+ is also another globally accepted certification that demonstrates individual’s skills to design, manage and troubleshoot different kinds of wired and wireless networks. The Network+ certification exam contains 90 questions that test on the setting up of wireless and wired network peripherals and the newest technologies. The certification is valuable globally.

Once you achieve this certification, you can expect to work as a helpdesk technician, information technology technician and also information technology specialist.

CompTIA A+ Technician

Another entry-level IT certification that touches on various areas of technological infrastructure is the CompTIA A+. This is the starting point for individuals looking to get into the IT industry. Professionals with this certification can do computer systems maintenance, operating system maintenance, printer maintenance, laptop maintenance and mobile devices maintenance. To achieve this certification, you must undergo two examinations which namely (220-901 & 220-902) and pass them successfully. One of the exams tests on multiple choice questions and the other one is a performance-based test.

After successfully completing the exams, you can work as a desktop support technician, in-house support specialist or help desk support technician.

Linux Essentials Professional Development Certification- PDC

The PDC is a certification that aims at providing individuals with skills of understanding the operations of the Linus operating system. Linux is a community based operating and an open source operating system developed from server-computing and desktop. To achieve this certification, you do not need to have prior knowledge of Linux. Individuals pursuing this certification start by learning the history of Linux as well as the basic application of the distinct componential tools of Linux. The certification tests only one exam namely (010-150) and one does need to have some computer knowledge.


Once you achieve any of the above certifications, you can now launch your career in the IT industry. What are you waiting for? It’s your turn to take that important step, pick a certification and enroll to stand out from this competitive technology world. Once you have achieved any of these certifications, you will have created a bright career in the IT sector.

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